entelle : LACE
and EMBROIDERY in Normandy : CREULLY 2007
2007 JULY 7th and 8th : LACE in CREULLY (Normandy)

-In the castle of Creully ( 13th century)

CREULLY - Calvados, Normandy, FRANCE


See the French program, please

A letter from a visitoron 2001 July.

" Dear Spiders,
I have belatedly discovered that an enthusiastic posting about a wonderful weekend event which I attended in France on July 7-8, never reached Arachne although I thought I had sent it three weeks ago.
This event was so enjoyable and instructive that I think you will want to know about it even now, on the better late than never theory. It was organised by the Association Dentelles et Blondes, Caen et Courseulles-sur-Mer; I will certainly do my best to attend future events of this group. M. et Mme Bouvot could not have been nicer to 'foreign' visitors and, in fact, Pompi Perry and a group of English lacemakers were there with their pillows and beaded bobbins to demonstrate English lace. "


2 years to prepare... and now, it's finish :
Claudette Bouvot, lacemaker and organisator,
with Mathilde, who loves to play with bobbins !

catalogue Odon couverture ***  catalogue 1 ***  catalogue 2
3 catalogues made by Claudette and members of DBCC association.
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" I was offered wonderful hospitality by a local lacemaker and her husband who provided transportation to and from the venue which was held in the grounds of a former "Baronnie" which once belonged to the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel and is now a very pleasant center for various cultural events. Off the courtyard was a registration area, and places to sit for lunch or drinks, as well a stand selling antique lace. Inside one of the adjacent main buildings there was an excellent group of other traders from various countries as well as Pompi's group who were demonstrating English lace. A display of old Norman bobbins was particularly interesting. In another smaller building were other exhibitions-- for example, an instructive display showing how the various Norman caps are pleated and a stand with the new book featuring the Polychrome lace of Courseulles. Both this book and the former one have full English translations which make them totally accessible to those who read English but not French. They are highly recommended.

On Saturday night there was a magnificent banquet featuring authentic Norman specialities and an exhibition of dancing between courses by an excellent group of folk dancers. These dancers changed their costumes several times during the evening and we were delighted to see many lace-trimmed Norman caps and Sunday-best dress as well as more simple peasant-type dress.

Those who wished could sign up for various 4-hour afternoon classes on both Saturday and Sunday. On offer were classes in Cluny, Danish lace and Bayeux as well as the very special Polychrome de Courseulles. This was my choice as I have always been fascinated by the coloured Chantilly that was made in Courseuilles for a short period in the late 1800's.

There was an optional excursion on Saturday to the lovely Chateau de Vendeuvre as well as a nearby museum of iron, both of which had special lace on display for this occasion. There was also a guided visit to Caen and its museum on Sunday."

Dentelles Normandes, Polychrome de Courseulles

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"This event was organised by Michel and Claudette Bouvot for their local association. and held at the Barronie Bretteville/Odon, a small community just outside Caen.. These are the folk who produced the wonderful Norman lace book --Blonde Lace of Caen-- a couple of years ago, and this year, had created an even more beautiful Dentelles Normandes Polychrome de Courseulles in a limited edition of 1000.

At one time, there was a museum in the small village of Courseulles-sur-Mer where one could see the coloured Chantilly lace that won many prizes at the turn of the last century. This Museum is now closed due to a problem over the building where it was housed. However, the gentleman who owns the collection will show it by special appointment. I was very lucky when my hostess was able to arrange for me to see the lace on Sunday. In addition to the coloured lace, there are wonderful pieces in silver and gold metallic thread in the collection, all of it salvaged from the attic of original factory which had closed when lace production ceased to be commercially viable in the early 1900's. Before the second World War, there were many more pieces of this very special lace but the building where they had been displayed was destroyed by fire.

The shading and colour in the motifs comes from a single bobbin wound with fine threads of varied colours that works across the design in half stitch. This special bobbin is paired with one of the bobbins of the net ground which is wound with the finest silk thread I have ever seen. It's an interesting lace to make and the few pieces left to see are very beautiful. I have signed up to take another class from Mme Bouvot who will be teaching at the studio run by Diane Claeys next summer. Four hours was much too short a time for such an interesting lace.

Elaine Merritt ("

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